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Thank you very much Rosie for the report, and Pics

Rosie Goes to See James at DragonCon


Last day! My flight home wasn't until 10.20pm so I had a very long day in front of me. I half packed, leaving out clothes for the flight home (have to be comfy!) and I wanted to wear something nice for my last photo ops with James.

Decided to check out the photo situation first so it was off to the Hilton – but I was a bit early and they weren't out yet. We were told that all the photos from Monday and the group photos from Sunday would have to be posted onto us as they wouldn't get printed I met up with Myrlyn and others by the photo room and we sat down and got into a long discussion about how words have different meanings in the UK and US ("fanny" being the classic example – its much ruder in the UK!) Myrlyn was also telling me about the conversation she had with James about his tongue. She says it started off as a serious question about genetics (yeah? ookaay...we believe you!) – But James grabbed on and was off talking about sex… Apparently he gave her a demonstration of the "tongue drill" which brought all sorts of very interesting images to mind. (And still does now – must ask him to give me a demo next time…! Ah – happy place!)

We decided to go round the corner and join the autograph queue for James about now – and I was glad we did as there was a notice up saying that James would only be signing from 11 until photo ops at 11.30 am. As we were walking to the Walk of Fame, one of the girls with us just happened to mention in passing the rumour that she had heard that James would refuse go to the UK anymore after what happened in May. This was the first I had heard of it and I didn't like the sound of it at all - so whilst we were waiting in the queue, I went back a bit and talked to Patti, Mary and Jude – they hadn't heard this one either so didn't know anything either – so I said I would ask James about it when I talked with him. Otherwise, as usual it was no hardship to queue – most of the people in the queue on this last day were the die-hard James fans.

James appeared (as if by magic from the back of the autograph tables – sneaky!) He was wearing his blue/grey muscle shirt again – which will always be a favourite of mine as he was wearing it the first time I met him. And who can complain about those gorgeous arms being on display??

I'd been talking to a girl called Mariah in front of me in the queue – so she talked to James first and I got some of their conversation on video as well. He was admiring one picture of them together and then said she looked pretty hot in the one he had just signed, to which Mariah replied – " but you look good in all of them which is what counts" and James came back with "It's my job!" which made me laugh!

I said "Hi James" as we shook hands and he said "Hi there babe – good to see you" "Again!" I add, and he said "yeah" firmly

Looking down at the photo (the one of me with James and Gareth) James said " hey, it's the sandwich" (so he remembered!) and he went to sign it on the wrong side again – where Gareth is standing – and I (and I was so embarrassed when I heard myself on the video) started ordering James about! I can't believe that I did! I'm saying "No – sign on your side. No! No! over your side" (there's a silver dot on the photo above Gareth's head where his pen touched down before I started ordering him about) and James says "I got it" then I'm laughing and say – "Gareth called you a very rude name for signing on the wrong side yesterday" and James says " You gonna call me it? I'm pulling a Juliet Landau on him – yeah!" (somebody `splainy please? Does Juliet sign in the wrong place too??)

As he moved onto the next picture, I told him its one I took of him at the Union Chapel – "oh my God" said James, quietly studying it (not sure if he was impressed or horrified!) and then he doesn't say anything else as he signs it. At this point Steve handed James the bag of lollipops I had brought him and I said "Yes, and I brought you some more English lollipops" and grinning as he took them, James said "Love the lollys" – in an English accent!! (Slightly more upper class than a Spike accent!)

Then I showed him the lovely photo ops from Friday, cos I wanted him to see it. James did that "that's sweet" look and says "Awww" (as in "that's really cute" kind of aww) and Steve H is looking at it too and then James added "I squished my nose for you, love!" to which I replied "You did squish your nose for me and it was lovely"

I then went straight on "By the way, I've been hearing rumours that you are never going to come to England again – please tell me that you are" and James came straight back with " That's totally wrong! I'd come to England in a hearts…." and he paused as he was obviously torn between saying a heartbeat and a moment – and then just threw his hand up in a dismissive gesture as I'm saying " Thank God for that – that's all we wanted to know…" and James was frowning, still thinking about it and says " I love England" to which I replied " Good – we're looking forward to seeing you soon" and James was still thinking about it and says " Why not? Who is the silly person who said that? – He didn't seem to think there was any reason why he wouldn't come back. (yay!)

We shake hands again and James says "see you around love" and I say yeah and also I think (it sounds like it!) I said "Love ya babe" as I turned to leave! (Much blushing! – shameless hussy again!)

(Am so glad I videoed when I talked to James cos there's so many little bits I don't remember until I watched it , and so many little bits I didn't even hear what he said until I heard it – I had no idea he called me `love' and `babe' until I went through the video just now!! Squee!)

I went across to Gareth and got him to sign the picture of the three of us too. I asked him if he was on the same flight home as me too and he thought he probably was. I was telling him how all his fans were so jealous at the fact that he was on my flight over – Lisa said he had made a load of new fans in the US over the weekend.

And then I got accosted by Aliens! Two of them! Incredibly scary costumes – really gave me the creeps – one came right up to me, hissing – (eek!) - and then said "hello, where are you from?" (They were English too!) – I told him they were the best costumes I had seen over the weekend which pleased him (well I didn't want to annoy an Alien and have a little alien bursting out of my innards on the plane home!)

From there it was round to the photo room and join the queue again for the last moments with James. As ever, he was game to do different poses that people wanted – in fact he seemed to find it easier if we had poses planned – he was looking a tad tired by now. I had 4 ops again (somewhere along the line I had bought one more to make it a nice even 4 each day...) and I decided to risk asking for what I would like him to do – if James said no, then fair enough – no harm in asking!

Great to watch as usual – the camera just loves James, he always looks so good! And then it was my turn. Said "hi" as usual as we shook hands and I'm grinning from ear to ear (I can't help it in James's presence – I can never quite believe that I'm standing next to the most gorgeous man on earth – it never quite seems real when its so fleeting!) So I asked James "Would you do one of you kissing me and then me kissing you? If you don't – that's fine" – but James said "sure" and he moved in on me (be still my beating heart!) and I put my arms round him and just looked towards the camera. I could feel James touching against my face – what I didn't know was that it would come out as the most fabulous picture! James is nuzzling me – nose and forehead pressed against my cheek and he's got that half-closed eyes sexy, snarly look on again. I have this slight smile on my face an almost sleepy look about me – It's just gorgeous!

Then it was my turn to kiss James. He stood facing the camera – legs apart so he was more at my height – with his arms folded and doing a wonderful sexy Spike smirk!. I just put my hand on his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. I can report that his skin was wonderfully smooth (so he really does do a close shave since the whiskery kiss with John Barrowman!) and he just smelt wonderfully fresh and clean – no aftershave. Ooh, it was lovely! And again, the picture has come out so well – James looking sexy as hell and me giving him an innocent-looking peck on the cheek!

I had two more shots, but I'd run out of ideas at this point (mainly because my brain had turned to mush!) so I flapped my hands a bit and made some "bleahing" noises and then said "oh do something sexy!" James laughed and said mockingly "sexy?" with a wry look on his face (I'm sure he was too tired to think) so I said (and in my defence, my excuse is that I was in James's gorgeous presence and my mouth was waaaay ahead of my brain…) "well, we could lie down…!"

I'm not sure if James didn't hear me or decided to ignore me – either way, he didn't react! He got behind me and put his arms round my shoulders and then Im holding onto his arms and our faces are together. And on the last one, I went behind James and again he stood with his legs apart so he was at my height and I was able to put one arm over his shoulder and the other round his waist (and I remembered to put my hand flat so I could feel his nice firm tummy muscles!) and put my chin on his shoulder. James meanwhile crossed his arms over and his holding onto mine – actually there seems to be a lot of arms in that picture! I've got my sleepy look on again – some people said wicked look! - but I was all cuddled up to James and pressed against him.

And then it was over. We shook hands one more time, me grinning away again and I said "I have had such a great time this weekend" and James replied "so have I" – and that was it – I said goodbye and then was leaving.

I did get one more, tiny bit with him – I was still outside the photo op room, talking, when James came out to go and finish off the last few autographs he had promised. As he walked right by me, I said "Bye, James" and he looked up at me and grinned and said "bye" as he walked past.

Not much else to report. Had to go and check out of the hotel and leave my bags secured whilst I went back to the Hilton to meet up with Jude, Mary and Iona, so we could have a good gossip about the weekend. Ended up with Jean and several others as well, having a big James love-in!

I went shopping in the dealers halls again and this time I did spend money – seemed to buy two of everything – 2 t-shirts, two velvet, beaded tops, 2 books, 2 necklaces and I still had money left (its gone back into the "James Fund" ready for next time!) Having said goodbye to Mary and Jude who were on a earlier flight, I went and sat in the cafι in my hotel and played on my Nintendo DS, and then went online for a bit to waste time – doing mini reports for various boards.

Rest of the day was spent lurking around waiting to leave for the airport and then waiting around at the airport (my flight was over-subscribed as it was filled up with people who had been diverted because of Hurricane Gustav.) It was on time though and it passed as flights do – I slept a bit and wrote lots of notes for this and had sneaky looks at my photo ops pictures – no way would they ever go in my suitcase – they stay with me! And yes, Gareth was on the same flight, but I didn't actually see him until passport control at Heathrow – the cowboy hat gave him away!

I had to catch a bus to get to Jenny's to collect my car and had to stop on the drive home and have a sleep at Winchester Services, as I was going cross-eyed with tiredness – I finally got home at about 6pm on the Tuesday..

* * * * * * * * * * * *
DragonCon was one of the best weekends I've ever had – it was so much fun. People had said to me, its hot, its crowded – and yes it was both of those but neither as hot or as crowded as I thought it would be. I always said I would embrace the madness and enjoy the whole experience – and I did. I met so many different people, and so many James fans that up to now had just been names on the various boards. I discovered new bits of information about James, heard so many different stories about peoples interactions with him and the mutual squeeing over peoples photo ops ( I was photographed with my super sexy photo op at one point as this photographer guy was so impressed by it) Its one big family, all brought together through a mutual love of James.

And I feel like I know James a little bit better now, having spent so much time with him over the weekend. Having time to actually talk to him at the party and being with him for that length of time, just seeing him be himself was fantastic. I love the fact that he seems to recognise me now – he feels like a friend. And he was such a star all weekend – always funny and bouncing and laughing and interested in everything and everyone. Performing under such difficult circumstances at the party and pulling it off like the professional he is. Being so chatty and friendly and accommodating with everyone he met – putting nervous first timers at ease and joking and teasing with those he knew of old. Giving me some of the most fantastic photo op shots ever – really special moments captured for me to treasure and make me feel good. Just being able to talk with him and chat without feeling completely overawed – in fact, spending time with a friend.

The BEST weekend!

James - I love him.