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Thank you very much Rosie for the report, and Pics

Rosie Goes to See James at DragonCon


I was awake early again but not so bad this time – still having a ball so I sat in bed and looked through my photos on my camera and squeed a bit (ok – a lot!) fell asleep again for a while so had to rush breakfast to get over to the Marriott again – same room as the day before – for the Smallville panel queue. I was fairly near the front again, but al the usual suspects (Patti, Becky, Stephen etc) were already there. Different people to talk to this time – we all sat on the floor and talked to Smallville fans and Michael Rosenbaum fans so no hardship in queuing again. They didn't let us in until much later this time and nobody dared go to the loo after the trouble the day before! It was every woman for herself again - I aimed for the far side of the hall and got in the second row – 3 in from the aisle. James was going to be seated on the other side unfortunately and this time those wretched water jugs were getting in the way of my view of James. I should have asked to have them moved like Becky did the day before - or they could have something less intrusive – I lost a few shots because of those cursed water jugs – grrr!

Again – this panel ahs been reported in detail elsewhere, so I'll just put in bits I remember. It was great fun! James and Michael together are hilarious. Michael was feeling a tad delicate I think – he looked a bit rough but in an endearing way. James looked gorgeous (of course) and was in the black shirt again – yay! It all started off fairly sensibly but then went off all over the place – James peered down the microphone on the table and said " I feel like a astronaut at a press conference" and then crossed his hands and did the serious frown look (like that promo shot from Moonshot!) I loved their re-enactment of the arrival of the T-rex in Jurassic Park using the water glasses and banging on the table a lot! James was doing his science bit about the formation of the ripples (Geek Boy!) and Michael decided they could have saved Spielberg millions of dollars!

James "Do you want to hear my great idea?" – Super Geek Boy James with his idea about energy renewal – which did make a lot of sense – man, I love it when James gets all enthusiastic and geeky about something and is talking fast with lots of hand gestures – he is (as Jean put it ) adorkable!

They talked about roles and an actors input and James talked about how he had learnt his lesson on PS I Love You – boring boring character! - "Good film, but who was that boring guy?" James thought the character could have been so much more. From that he learnt not to just be a good boy on set, not making waves – was going to speak up if he didn't like it. Said there were three types of movie – written, directed and edited. Can make such a huge difference – everyone has their own interpretation. James went to Dragon ball determined to have input and speak up – said he would rather have been fired from Dragonball than make a movie not true to what he thought it should be.

I did take a lot of pictures again – but as I said – the jug was a bit of a pain – but James was laughing so much throughout that he was sitting back and away from it which gave me some good chances.

Lunch next – (cheeseburger on the steps of the Marriott again – hmm - d้jเ vu?) and then I went shopping in the dealers rooms. Spent a good long time just looking at all the amazing stuff that was for sale – costumes and clothes etc – didn't buy much – but did get a whole load of those fictional ID cards – including 3 different ones for Capt. John and a Milton Fine one!

Back to the hotel to drop stuff off and collect my bits for signing later, and then it was off to join the photo ops queue again. It was going to be fun as we were doing the group shots today as well as the James/Gareth sandwich! There was much hilarious planning as people had to do their individual shots and then dash out and straight round again to do groups and then again for James and Gareth. No sign of our tables picture from the party though 4 other tables pictures were there – I kept going back and checking.

As the queue rounded the corner in the photo room and we could see James, I thought "he's still wearing the lovely black striped shirt – yay!" and he looked so good in it over his jeans. When it got to my turn, I walked towards him grinning and said "You're wearing the shirt!" and he laughed and said "I suddenly remembered I'd promised to, so I had to quickly change" – so he remembered that I had asked! (Incidentally, when I got home, I had an email from "Dearly Beloved" thanking me personally for getting James in a decent shirt for the photos - she and her friends were delighted…!)

First shot we did was back to back - James asked me if I wanted to do "guns" too and I said yes. James looks SO cool and suave and James Bond-y in this picture and I look a bit like his mentally challenged sidekick – but it's a great pic! Then I asked if he would do the thing with his tongue (the roll behind the teeth with a smirk) and James was saying "What? This?" and rolling the sides of his tongue up. Yes – I got to study his tongue at close range…! We finally got it right in the end but we need to be smirking more really or leering!

Then I couldn't remember what else I was going to ask for, so after a few seconds of me dithering madly – I said "oh, just give me a cuddle" – and boy did he! I was all cuddled in close, both of his arms holding me in against him and part of my face is hidden behind James – aww, - was lovely. And the last one we did a profile shot again – so I got to stare into those beautiful blue eyes again. James was holding both my hands though you can't see it in the picture and he is smiling but got that intense look on his face again – gorgeous! As I shook hands, I said "I'll see you again in a minute " and went out to join straight back on the queue with all the members of JMConApps (Stephen, Linda, Magie and me) and JMF ( Stephen, Linda, Patti, Cynthia, Myrlyn and me) for our group shots. JMConApps was up first – I got to be on James right with his arm round me and my arm round him. Then as there was a few changes for the second group, I managed to stay in the same place for that picture too – and that was lovely as it took a while for Froggy to get us all arranged so I got to stand there and hold onto James for a bit….!

Then it was out the door and back round again for the James Gareth picture. This was great fun as James seemed to be encouraging Gareth to play along. The first few pictures were straight forward in-the-middle-arms-round type. Them Myrlyn wanted to be sandwiched in between them (and she was) and the next girl had them all doing a sign with their hands – at this point Gareth called out to the queue – " get your imaginations going!" and you could tell he was enjoying himself. Patti stood in the middle with the two boys back to back on either side for her picture. And then it was me! I said " I want to be the filing in the sandwich" and so was facing James with Gareth up behind me – now Gareth must have done some serious knee bending to get into that pose as his head is level with mine and he's miles taller than me. He was extremely up close too! (hel-lo!) James and I have our heads together and I'm hugging him with both arms and Gareth is looking smouldering behind me! Wow – looks good as all 3 of us were in black shirts.

As we separated and I shook Gareth's hand and then James and said something about being the filling in that sandwich and James laughed and said " We're just two pieces of toast really aren't we?" which cracked me up – oh YEAH baby (oo – two hot pieces of buttered toast.. the possibilities are endless!!)

I told Steve H as I was leaving that the party photo of our table wasn't there yet – but in fact when I went out, it was – and yes, there I was, leaning on Gareth and holding James's hand – shameless hussy that I am! I was glad to get it as I wanted both the boys to sign it.

I was having so much fun, but there was a little bit of a downer at this point, when I was shown a email that had been sent to one of the boards (from someone who wasn't even at DragonCon) taking a chunk of the report I had posted the night before about the party and James messing up a couple of songs. The whole report was exactly like these reports – very enthusiastic and upbeat and me loving every minute – but it had been taken as a bad thing and it was being said that James wasn't prepared or very professional etc etc. I was steaming mad! Turning my words round and making them the opposite to what I meant. I knew I couldn't leave it so I had to do some damage limitation (and so later I did just that. There was lots of links to my brief reports and the few pictures I had posted on various different boards as it seemed I was one of the few people who had a laptop with them. So I went on one of the boards I was more of a lurker on and wrote a very general upbeat and positive post about the party and what a great job James had done in difficult circumstances, how impressed I was that he performed so well. I wasn't going to sink to the level of accusations and name calling, just tell how it was here for me – totally brilliant!)

(I am just listening to James singing as I am writing this and I can clarify that the first lines of Katie and Millionaire are almost identical!)

I had met up with Merce again in the photo queues so we were hanging around together and she came in the autograph queue with me and kindly videoed me talking to James so I had my hands free to hold all the various bits – I had my party ticket and the party picture for James to sign..

We shook hands and I said "hi James" and he signed the party ticket first (well, it has my name on it too!) and I must have said something about that because he was laughing with me. As he was signing the party photo, he said "I had a really good time last night" and then added "I really wish I could have done that song with Gareth – we practised!" and I agreed I would have loved to have heard it. Then I said "I loved the new song" and James`s face went more serious and almost slightly disbelieving and he said "You loved it? Well, thank you!" as we shook hands again – and I added "and I'll probably like it more when I can hear it better!" and James laughed - he was still holding onto my hand at this point! - and gave me a thumbs up with the other hand as he said " yeah, when you can hear it!" and we are both laughing. Then I showed him my "For What I Need" necklace and told him it was my favourite song and he leaned forward to read it and said "that's very nice… that awesome!" and we shook hands again. I said "I'll see you tomorrow" and James is smiling that devastating smile at me and then I had a very lovely private moment with James which sent me off into mad internal squeeing!

(Pause whilst Rosie goes off into some mad fan girl squeeing and shrieking and is totally insensible for a few minutes…..)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
I wanted Gareth to sign the party picture too and as he was sitting at the next table to James and there wasn't much queue for him, so I went straight there. James had signed on the left of the picture although he was standing on the right, so I said to Gareth "James signed on the wrong side, not the side he's standing" and Gareth glanced across at James and said in a raised voice "that's because he's a TWAT!" which cracked up both me and Lisa who was sitting with Gareth – and I got three `x's' with G's signature!

(And would you believe it – even the sign with Gareth's name over his signing table said " David Gareth Lloyd" – but I noticed that they had drawn a arrow between the names and an `OOPS' added – wish I had taken a picture…!)

There was still no sign of the photos being back yet – they were having problems s one of the printers had given up the ghost and so it was taking ages for them to get through all the photos. I did get my James/Gareth sandwich picture though which I was pleased about as I wanted both boys to sign it)

Merce and I then just hung out and did some serious catching up until she went off to her next workshop – then I checked for the photos again but it looked like they would be printing all night so they probably wouldn't be there until the morning. So there was more talking with people and hanging out and then I decided I wanted to have some proper food so went to the Italian restaurant that the |Torchwood fans recommended – only a couple of blocks up – and that was about as much as I saw of Atlanta! Had very nice pasta for dinner and was back at the hotel for a sensible time. I was still a bit squee-y as there was just a little bit more time with James tomorrow, but then I was going to be going home…..:-(