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Comme vous le savez déjà Patty est américaine et très grande fan de James. Elle a assisté au concert de San Diego et voici son report .Petite info (pour ceux qui ne le savent pas) concernant Patty, j'ai moi- même la chance d'avoir rencontré Patty à  deux reprises, une fois a C11 en mai 2007et à Celtic Blues en Novembre 2007.Patty a eu la gentillesse d'accepter a ce que son compte rendu soi publié sur le site et pour cela je la remercie .Je signale juste que :Patty est seule propriétaire du texte qui ne peux en aucun cas être copier / coller pour votre site et forum sans son accord. Merci
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San Diego Indie Music Festival
March 29, 2008
So, I'm not sure how much of a report I'm gonna be writing here.  I volunteered to be a videographer for the San Diego Indie Music Festival and spent the entire day running my ass off (literally!) running between two stages, about 4 blocks apart, every twenty minutes (and other places in between keeping other people working as well), so that 11 hours later, I think I must have covered some 10 miles or more.  I had only eaten a few potato chips and had very little to drink by the end of that very long day, and I was about half dead by the time it was over, but I had the lovely privilege of being official event videographer filming James! 

I had this great platform to James' left and at stage level, so I had an unobstructed view and a HiDef camera, 25 feet from James.  Sadly, I had to turn the film over to the Festival as soon as I was done.  I have no idea what will become of the footage, or if anyone will ever see it.  Sorry, that was the deal.  I heard James signed autographs at the fence after the show.  Unfortunately, I was so busy working I missed it--I hope the other videographer assigned to film James got some.  (I had to turn-in/return new tapes for our cameras, then run off to another stage right after James was over, though I still missed that band, sigh).   
This was the first time James has done an outdoor stage, to my knowledge; at least it’s the first time I’ve seen him outdoors and in daylight—and he looked really nice in the ‘golden hour’ sunlight!  The concert was very good, though it was hard for me to judge being so close to the speakers on one side, and concentrating on filming as I was.  I got the impression James was a bit nervous, but he plays it off well, and eventually even had some of his usual fun with the audience, flirting and teasing a bit (“I finally got you to look at me!” he said to someone out there.  LOL!)  :)  James was dressed in his leather jacket, white v-neck undershirt, ripped-at-the-knee jeans and his white running shoes—his latest ‘usual’ look (rather than the old ‘usual’ look, which was all the same but with a black t-shirt instead!  LOL!)  But, hey, no complaints here, he looked scrumptious and sexy.  And Yay!!  He’s kept the longer curls, which I totally adore!
I don’t remember all the songs James did, sorry.  He started playing right when he came onstage, after waving to everyone, but they hadn’t cut off the pre-recorded interlude music.  The stagehands stopped him finally and he kinda laughed at himself and said he just liked to jump right in.  Then I guess they needed a sound check, so James sang some Springsteen.  He also explained how he was glad to be back in the U.S. after filming in Mexico and getting his teeth kicked in, showing his missing tooth.  He said, “I’m in pieces but I’m here!”  LOL!  Poor James!  Then he actually started his set.  I remember him doing Civilized Man, Louise, London City, Bad, Birth of the Blues, White Hot Girls, Dangerous, Smile,and Angel, but not in that order and there were more.  Sorry I can’t be more specific.  I was pretty busy running the camera and all, so it took me a couple of lines to realize James was looking at me during Dangerous, and look up at him.  He smiled and gave me a big head nod, and I grinned and did the same, then we both went back to work.  Heh!     
I got to see a little of a lot of bands:  Some really good, some just not my thing; One band, Hectic Watermelon, was great jazz-funk fusion band, and I loved Semi-Precious Weapons, a New York Emo-type band; the lead singer reminded me of some 21st century Ziggy Stardust or something—very glam--w/o the Spiders from Mars, though…and all his songs were about how pretty he was!  LOL!!!  I was the one to cover the adult stage as well (no, not as in sex—at least not while I was there; as in foul language, mostly…though the stage was next to an adult ‘toy’ store!  LOL!), so that had its…interesting moments – among other acts, a bizarre, goofy circus-type act with costumed women clowns, and a Dark Cabaret (Tragic Tantrum) that was truly strange.  Heh!  I also got to attend part of Amber Benson's film viewing, and video a portion of the Q&A after (during which I got ask her my question, too!), so that was pretty cool.  Her film, Lovers, Liars and Lunatics was...out there!  Very dark humor.  James C. "Clem" Leary was in it, as was Christine Eastbrook, who played Chance's mother in Amber’s first film, Chance.  And though I didn't see him, my Assistant saw Adam Busch there walking by with Amber. 

It was a fabulous day filled with interesting music from all walks of life, with nothing manufactured and foisted on us by the big industrial Mega-corporations—just raw, unfettered, and joyful music, and a wide-open, peaceful vibe everywhere.  Huge big smoochies go out to my faithful Assistant, who was my savior that day--she knows who she is!  :)  And to SA for renting the HiDef and back-up cameras at the last minute, to fulfill our promise to the festival and so we could get the best footage possible, even if we may never get to see any of it. 
And, after getting enough water back into me, and sleeping about 15 hours last night finally, I discovered, hey, I’d lost some 12 or so pounds of winter weight Saturday, too, so, happy me!
Patti  :)